MS Word Tutorials

To open up, Microsoft Word does the following steps

  • Click on the start button on the lower left of your screen
  • Click you left mouse button on All Programs item.
  • On the All Programs menu, look for office Microsoft Office . Similar to the following image:


When Microsoft Word opens, you should see a screen something like this one (Word 2007)
Word Introduction

The main area, all that white space, is the page you type on, just like a piece of paper


About Ribbon

The area above the white space is called ribbon. The ribbon contains all the toolbar that you can use to brighten up the plain white text on your page. There are following tabs

  • Home
  • Insert
  • Page Layout
  • References
  • Mailings
  • Review and View

Click, each of these items, are on each tab. Explore all the tabs and click on Home tab. Home tab contains all the items which you will most like font formatting, alignment, cut, copy, paste

You can use the Zoom slider to increase or decrease the size of your page. Default setting is 100%, and the slider is in the middle

Just above the slider the two sets of arrows allow you to move up or down one page at a time

Click on the round button between two sets of arrows opens up a shortcut toolbar. These are shortcuts that allow you to browse through various areas of your document. The double arrows then turn blue. So, for example, if you wanted to jump from image to image in your document, you would click the Graphic item on the toolbar, which is the second from the right on the top row in the image above. After the double arrows turn blue, you would click one to move to the next or previous image


Other important options are just to the left of Zoom slider. These are various page views. Click on these to see what they do


Keyboard Options

Before start typing following are three important keys that might come in very handy:


  • Shift Key
  • Enter
  • Backspace