DOS / Windows IP Command Lines


Display Connection Configuration

ipconfig /all


Display DNS Cache Info Configuration:

ipconfig /displaydns


Clear DNS Cache

ipconfig /flushdns


Release All IP Address Connections:

ipconfig /release


Renew All IP Address Connections:

ipconfig /renew


Re-Register the DNS connections:

ipconfig /registerdns


Change/Modify DHCP Class ID:

ipconfig /setclassid


Opens the D: Drive

C:, d:


Show all Names of Directories(Folders) in D: Drive

D:\> dir


Show Current Date

D:\> date


Show Current Time

D:\> Time


Show all the Directories Whose Name Starts From Ja

D:\> dir ja*


For Help

D:\> help?


Will Show all the Files in the Directory

D:\> dir (Type the NAME of Directory)


This will Make Directory in Drive D:

D:\> Mkdir keshav


Opens The G Drive

D:\> G:


Copy the Resume.docx in D: Drive(Note: Always type the Extension of the file While Copying The file)

G:\> copy Resume.docx D:


Copy the resume.docx in D:Drive with Name CurriculumVitae

copy resume.docx D:CurriculumVitae


Specifies a new Commad prompt, write text

G:\> Prompt [text]


To write less than sign

G:\> Prompt $L


The $p Sign is used for current drive

G:\ Prompt $p$L


Display the Contents of a file

D:\ Type Resume.docx


For Delete A file

D:\ Del Resume.docx


For Remove A directory (Folder)

D:\ Rmdir Keshav


Change the Attribute of the file to Hidden

G:\ ATTRIB +h Resume.docx


This Command is used for Clear an attribute

G:\ Attrib -h Resume.docx


This Command is used for change the label of G: Drive

label kaushalstreet


This Utility is used for repair and check various disk Errors.



This Command is used for Move files and directories form one place to another