MS SQL Server Intro

Master database

The master database records all the server specific configuration information, including authorizes users, databases, system configuration settings and remote servers

The master database contains critical data that controls the SQL Server operations

The master database also stores the initialization information of the SQl Server. Therefore if the master database is unavailable, the SQL Server database engine will not be started. Find screenshot below:


Tempddb database

Temp database is temporary database and holds all temporary tables and stored procedures All the temporary tables and results generated by GROUP BY, ORDER BY, and DISTINCT

Model database

Model database use as a template for all databases created on an instance of SQl server. Newly created User databases use the same recovery model as the model database.

MSDB database

It is used by SQl server agent

SQL (Structured Query Language)

As a database developer, you need to manage the database to store, access and modify data. SQl is the core language used to perform these operations on the data

SQL statements can be categorized as:

DDL(Data definition language):

  • Create
  • Alter
  • Drop

Data Manipulation Language(DML)

  • Insert
  • Update
  • Delete

Data Control Language

  • Grant: assign permissions
  • Revoke: deny permissions
  • DQL(Data Query Language)
  • Select is DQL command

Data types

Data type specifies the type of data that an object can contain. Such as character data or Integer data. SQL server support following data types:

  • Int
  • Smallint
  • bigint
  • tinyint
  • char
  • varchar
  • decimal
  • image
  • float
  • XML
  • table

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