Google Webmaster and Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools?

A. Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a web analytics applications. It will give you the following information.

1. Visitor Reports

The total number of visitors your website has. It also specifies what are the number of new visitors and returning visitors

The time that your visitors spend on your site.

The amount of pages your visitors view.

The amount of visitors who landed on your site and left immediately.

Geographical location of your website visitors

The websites which referred visitors to your site.

2. Web traffic Reports

Total number of of people visiting your site on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. It also provides your traffic stats to previous years.

3. Details of Keywords

The keywords which brings traffic to your website.

The keywords which produces most sales.

The keywords which keeps your visitors on your site for longer durations.

4. Content

The web pages your visitors visit often.

The web pages that brings you more traffic.

The pages your visitors most often leave your site.

5. Conversions: The conversion rates for the goals you set on your site.

For more information, you can visit Google Analytics website.

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