About us

We all know the value and power of education. Everyone needs to be educated in the nation for the well-being of the same. However, we cannot fully ignore the fact that many people are uneducated only because they cannot afford the education fee. Kaushal Street believes that right to a world-class education is something that everyone deserves. This makes us to carry out a platform to share knowledge globally with all needy people through our tutorial videos. Here you cannot just gain knowledge through these videos, but can utilize ideas to convert your imagination into reality.

Those who believe that ideas and knowledge can be shared outside the classroom have a ton to learn from our videos. Video learning makes you feel as if things are actually happening in front of you and storing the knowledge in your mind is nothing but just a matter of seconds after watching them. With video learning keeping books with you, depending on a single method, visiting the tutor personally are not the problems. You can boost your skills up to any limit through our tutorial videos. Our collection of tutorial videos is especially designed for all those who are passionate about utilizing technology to make the outcome more visible. After all, the world around us can be understood better with the help of these moving pictures.

Kaushal Arwal, owner of this platform, is an expert in .Net and has 21st century skills in similar languages that can convert any imagination into reality. He holds more than 5 years of experience in IT. After being a bidder he is now a business analyst who is helping needy businesses to be at the top. Through this platform he aims to start an era of video learning in which people can gain knowledge and skyrocket their skills. At KaushalStreet, he is involved in personal accountability to make moral decisions. He is responsible for expressing error free knowledge through the videos that can help students, professionals and anyone who believes that knowledge has no limit to build a career that leads to a great height of success. With the 69 videos available on this platform totally free of cost, anyone can gain knowledge and can transform the same among others.